Halloween Tips

Healthy Halloween Tips


Halloween can be challenging for parents who are watching their weight and trying to keep their kids happy and healthy. My top tips for tackling Halloween are the following:

  • Don't buy your favorite types of candy - you will be much less likely to nibble if you don't have your favorite candy bar in a cute little miniature size staring at you for the next 2 weeks.
  • Keep candy out of sight - research shows that people eat a lot less candy when they can't see it. Keep in opaque jars or on uppers shelves to limit temptation.


And here are some healthiER Halloween treats & party snacks ideas:

  • Yummy Earth®Organic Lollipops - These tasty treats with flavors including wet-face watermelon, pomegranate pucker, mango tango, and tooberry blueberry are certified organic, contain 100% natural colors and flavors, and are GMO, gluten-free and allergen-free. 3 lollipops have only 70 calories - sure, it's pure sugar but they make a tasty and portion controlled healthier treat. www.yummyearth.com
  • Surf Sweets® Spooky Spiders - I have to admit I'm a big fan of gummy products and these are tasty. Made with real fruit juice, these gluten free treats contain 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin C per serving, all natural colors and flavors, and the company donates a percentage of proceeds to EcoMom® Alliance, a non-profit empowering mothers to create a healthy and sustainable world. www.surfsweets.com
  • Post® Spoon Sized Reduced Fat Munch Mix - Skip the pre-made party mix loaded with salt and fat, sneak extra healthy whole grains into your family's diet, and save money by making your own healthier version with this tasty recipe by Post Cereal.
  • Halloween Mandarin Oranges - Make fruit fun and festive by decorating mandarin oranges as Halloween pumpkins. These make tasty table decorations and super healthy Halloween snacks loaded with Vitamin C and Beta carotene.