Low Glycemic Diet

from Tufts University

Low-Glycemic Diet Helps Overweight Health

Not all carbohydrates may be equal for overweight individuals, for whom a low-glycemic diet could improve some health markers even without losing weight. The Carbohydrates and Related Biomarkers Study reports that overweight people given low-glycemic foods, which boost blood sugar more slowly, showed a significant reduction in C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation associated with risk of cardiovascular disease.


When on a low- rather than high-glycemic diet, the overweight subjects also saw an increase in a beneficial hormone, adiponectin, that improves insulin sensitivity and fat oxidation. The study involved 80 volunteers, half of whom were overweight, and compared 28-day regimens of low- and high-glycemic foods. While emphasizing that weight loss should be a top priority for overweight individuals, researchers noted, "Adhering to a low-glycemic load diet may help individuals at risk of obesity-related metabolic dysfunction improve their overall health." - Journal of Nutrition