Chocolate Eaters Are Skinnier

Could Chocolate Make You Skinny?

from Tufts University


Forget those images of bonbon-eating overweight people: A new study finds that regular chocolate eaters may actually be thinner than those who don't indulge.


Though the research can't prove a cause and effect relationship, scientists noted that certain kinds of chocolate - dark chocolate higher in antioxidant compounds - have been linked to improvements in blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and cholesterol levels.


Calling their findings "intriguing," the UCLA researchers added, "A randomized trial of chocolate for metabolic benefits in humans may be merited." In the current study, they compared body mass index (BMI) in 972 adults, average age 57, with chocolate consumption as determined by a questionnaire. Overall, participants ate chocolate an average of twice a week. Those who consumed chocolate more frequently averaged lower BMIs than those who ate chocolate less often. - Archives of Internal Medicine


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