Your Body Needs Fuel To Go

Your body is like a car: it needs fuel to go!

from Dr. Yolanda Evans


I often hear from the children and teens I work with that they skip meals throughout the day. They may be rushed in the mornings and not have time to grab breakfast. Or at lunch, they may be embarrassed to bring a lunch, or may not like all of the choices in cafeteria. When they tell me they’re skipping meals, I always talk about the importance of eating 3 meals and at least 2 snacks each day.


Our bodies are amazing machines! Just like a car, we have to put fuel in them in order for them to work well. If a child or teen skips breakfast, they are starting the day with an ‘empty tank.’ Not eating can lead to trouble focusing on school work, or over eating at the next meal or snack.  Overeating leads to weight gain and obesity.


We can make it easier to have breakfast in the morning if we plan ahead a little bit. Have fruit, veggies, cereal, or whatever your child likes to eat ready the night before so they don’t have to look through the refrigerator or cabinets in the morning. If there isn’t time to have something to eat at home, take advantage of school breakfast programs.


Check out the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for more ideas:


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